5 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Self-Care Routine

Imagine sitting down with a friend over coffee, and she shares how stressed she feels, unable to find time for herself, and suffering from insomnia. You'd probably offer her sound advice like, "You need to reduce your stress. Have you considered getting a massage to unwind?"

Funny how we're quick to offer such advice to others but often neglect ourselves. The demands we place on ourselves can be greater than those we place on others. Life moves fast, and the evidence is seen in the rising prescriptions for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

But here's the good news: a little self-care goes a long way in reducing stress and its long-term effects. Are you ready to treat yourself as kindly as you treat your friends? Here are five simple activities to get you started on a 30-day self-care journey.

1. Take a Relaxing Bath

Draw a warm bath to unwind after a long day. Did you know that our sense of smell is closely linked to our mood, memory, and emotions? Light a scented candle and add essential oils to your bath for an extra layer of relaxation. Starting with one weekly bath and gradually increasing it to twice a week can nourish your mind, body, and spirit.


2. Take Yourself on a "Date"

Set aside time each week for an "Artist Date" with yourself. Treat it like a real date, and be sure to show up. Explore new places, like a bookstore, coffee shop, boutique, or museum, to discover something new about yourself. Stepping out of your routine environment fosters creativity and forms new neural connections.


3. Pamper Yourself with a Massage or Facial

Scheduling self-care activities adds joyful moments to your calendar. Instead of saving self-care for special occasions, book a massage or facial right now. Pencil it into your midweek schedule as something you deserve, and schedule another session for a month or two later. Regular spa treatments provide a break from the daily grind and are a form of preventative self-care.


4. Cultivate Meditation

Invest just 5-10 minutes each day in meditation to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation also decreases the activation of the amygdala, the brain area associated with stress and anxiety. It strengthens the gray matter of the brain responsible for mental flexibility, emotion, and attention. Meditation is like a training program for your brain, and it can be done anywhere – at your desk, at home, or in a parking lot.

5. Surprise Yourself with a Thoughtful Gift

Why wait for others to surprise you? Send yourself a small, special gift you've been eyeing online. It doesn't have to be extravagant or practical. Delay its arrival for 1-2 weeks to build anticipation. A mid-week surprise is a delightful form of self-care.

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