10 Tips to Cut 100 Calories (or more!)

Want to be bikini ready?

It’s spring time and bikini season is just around the corner. Finding ways to lose some of that extra weight is a top priority for many of us. This week’s blog gives you tips to cut calories without really feeling like you’re denying yourself healthy and delicious foods.

Over time, you’ll be shaving off unwanted calories, losing 1-2 pounds a week, and ultimately reaching your weight loss goal!


Tip # 1 – Change out the condiments!

Rather than using mayonnaise, use mustard or hummus for your sandwiches
(save 100- 200 calories).

Tip # 2 – Drop the guac

Swap out the ½ cup of guacamole for an equal amount of salsa and save 150 calories!

Tip # 3 – Lay off the chips & dips

Dip vegetables into hummus rather than ranch or other creamy dressings.

Tip # 4 – Keep the bread off the salads

Sprinkle lightly toasted pecans rather than oil-soaked croutons on your salads.

Tip # 5 – When eating out

  • Ask for dressing on the side 
    • You’ll use about 4-6 tablespoons less than what restaurants use to toss their salads
  • Go for the grill 
    • Restaurant meals typically contain up to 2 ounces of added oil (500 calories!) by adding oil to sauces or the cooking process. Choose grilled or poached fish rather than fried and go for steamed veggies rather than creamed veggies.

​Tip # 6 – When cooking at home

  • Sauté vegetables and fish in ¼ cup of broth rather than 1 tablespoon of butter 
  • Replace heavy cream with the same amount of skim milk mixed with 2 tablespoons of flour – cutting out another 150 calories!

​Tip # 7 – Switch Your Dishes – use smaller plates

The larger the serving dish, the more likely we will fill it and consume what is on it. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, using a 9-inch appetizer plate versus a standard 11-inch dish can save up to 300 cal/day.

​Tip # 8 – Stop with the sugary soft drinks!

Many hidden calories are consumed in sodas and fruit juices.  Ditch the Coca-Cola or sweetened iced tea for an 8 ounce glass of water infused with lemon or cucumber – cut out 200 – 300 calories!

Tip # 9 – Turn off the Tube

Don’t eat in front of the TV. Let’s try to be more mindful and enjoy our meals rather than fixating on the tube and eating mindlessly. Researchers from Georgia State University found that people took in up to 130 calories more if they ate in front of the TV rather than eating at a table without a remote.

Tip # 10 – Buy a Veggie Spiralizer

I just got one and love it! Put spaghetti squash or zucchini in the twirler and voila! Instant pasta with 200-300 less calories!

Remember, small changes done daily over time will lead to huge steps – in weight loss as well as many other areas of our lives!

In health and happiness,
Dr. Diana

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  • Another couple of tips: Substitute nonfat plain Greek yogurt for sour cream; Substitute lettuce for bread sandwiches. For example, wrap deli turkey, tomato, avocado (healthy fat!), or other veggies or pickles, and mustard in a lettuce cup. Delilsh!

    Penelope Long-Leahy

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