A Few Time-Saving Tips for Busy Women

by | Mar 2, 2010 | Health & News | 2 comments

clock.freephoto credit:  Melinda Nagy

When your husband is involved in a task and you ask him a question, have you been met with the answer “Can’t you see that I’m busy?” or with a request to come back when he is finished?

If the tables were turned and you were the one being interrupted while involved in a task, would there be an overall assumption that the interruption would somehow be more acceptable?

Would you feel blame and guilt if you were not able to juggle multiple duties at the same time?

Women must learn to assess their capabilities.  It’s not a failure to say “no”.  In fact, it might provide an opportunity for your children and spouse to do for themselves those tasks they have relied on wives and mothers to do for them in the past.

Here are a few tips for making more time in your busy day:

  • Delegate!  Give your children and your husband chores to do and errands to run.
  • Set up online banking and automatic bill payments.
  • Carpool for children’s activities.
  • Minimize!  The less stuff you own, the less you need to clean and manage.  Your life will feel less cluttered.