5 Tips to Promote Colon Health & Prevent Colorectal Cancer

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Did you know that the American Cancer Society (ACS) reports that the “links between diet, weight, exercise, and colorectal cancer are some of the strongest for any type of cancer?”

In fact, less than 10% of colon cancers are due to family history. Yes! It is estimated that 50-75% of colorectal cancer can be prevented through making healthy lifestyle choices.

Follow These 5 Tips & Decrease Your Colorectal Cancer Risk

healthy colorectal diet choices

Tip #1: Make Healthy Dietary Choices

  1. Think rainbow – eat lots of fruits and vegetables that contain all colors – red, orange, blue, etc. These contain high amounts of fiber – known to decrease your risk of colorectal cancer and keep you regular, as well as high amounts of anti-oxidants, which help in cancer prevention. Check out my Flax & Berry Blast Breakfast Recipe!
  2. Decrease your intake of red meats and processed meats ; According to the ACS, your risk of colon cancer is increased by 15-20% if you eat 100 grams of red meat ( the size of a small hamburger) or 50 gram ( one hot dog) of processed meats. Try to limit yourself to about two 4-ounce servings of red meat per week. Avoid sausage, bacon and hot dogs. This is due to the preservatives in these processed meats which increased the risk of cancer.
  3. Stop the sugar: Foods high in sugar have lots of calories that lead to high blood sugar levels ( diabetes), weight gain and obesity, not to mention many other conditions
  4. Fill up with fiber: Did you know that as high as 95% of Americans don’t get anywhere near enough fiber in their diet?
  5. Get your grains: Choose whole grains like barley, quinoa, wild and brown rice, and oatmeal. Refined grains don’t contain the beneficial elements that whole grains do, such as, more vitamins, minerals, fiber and essential fatty acids.
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Tip #2: Keep a Healthy Weight

Obesity is a key factor in increasing your risk for colorectal cancer. Shedding those extra 15-20 Lbs. (or more!) will help not only your colon, but also your heart!

Stop Smoking and Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Tip #3: Stop Smoking

I am not sure why anyone still smokes, yet, people still do. This is an incontrovertible fact, SMOKING IS VERY BAD FOR YOU.

hit the gym and stay fit

Tip #4: Hit the Gym

If you don’t want to hit the gym, at least walk around your neighborhood. Getting a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise ( interval walking, cycling, swimming) decreases your risk for colon cancer and helps against diabetes and heart disease.

limit alcohol consumption to prevent cancer

Tip #5: Limit the Alcohol

For women, one drink a day and for men, two drinks a day is the recommended limit for imbibing of your alcoholic beverages.

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