Multi-tasking vs. your Libido

by | Feb 5, 2010 | Health & News

SuperwomanWomen are known as the ultimate multi-taskers…but this seemingly positive attribute can actually be a contributor in decreased desire for physical intimacy and can negatively impact your emotional and physical health.  Studies have shown that multi-tasking can increase the level of stress-related hormones that the body releases and can wear down your system through biochemical friction, causing premature aging.

In the short term, the confusion, fatigue and chaos multi-tasking might create can hamper your ability to focus and analyze;  in the long term, however, these symptoms can cause your health to atrophy, in addition to killing libido.  Try to share responsibilities with others to ease your burden.  Delegate tasks at home and at work if possible.  Maintaining good health is more important of a goal than always reaching SuperWoman status in the office.