10 “Sexercises” to Help Keep You Fit… AND “In The Mood”

by | Oct 6, 2011 | Health & News | 1 comment

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best, especially in the bedroom? The trouble is, with our busy lives these days, we either don’t put aside enough time to work out -or- when we do, we stick to the stairmaster or some other BORING form of exercise… that “hardly” leaves us feeling very sexy.

But what if there was a magical workout that could help you burn calories AND leave you feeling more “in the mood” than when you started? Well, believe it or not… there is! In fact there are TONS of them…

According to Marianne Brandon, PhD, clinical psychologist and sex therapist in Annapolis, Md, and author of “Reclaiming Desire: 4 Keys to Finding Your Lost Libido, “Sexy workouts help us tune into our bodies in a sensual way, so we feel more receptive and more interested in sex.”

I’ve listed my 10 favorites below. I’ve organized them in order of what I thought was the most “modest” to the most “racy”, but feel free to explore all of the possibilities! I’ve also included the amount of calories burned with each.

Hula-Hooping – remember this great form of exercise for your hips and abdominals? This isn’t just for kids anymore… A thirty minute workout of hypnotic hip swivels and belly contractions can burn up to 250 calories!

Belly Dancing – The Middle Eastern message of this dancercise is to love your body no matter what shape or form it has. Slip on a slinky hip wrap and shake your pelvis to the lively Arabic music and burn as many as 150-200 calories in half an hour!

Salsa Lessons – this steamy Latin dance can burn 200 calories in half an hour. Put on a flirty dress, some fun heels and find a class in your neighborhood.
Zumba –this Colombian dance means “move fast” and I love this class at my gym. It has become a fitness craze across six continents and combines traditional aerobic moves, sassy Latin shimmies, and hip-hop inspired butt shaking. Depending on the intensity of the class, you can burn anywhere from 400 – 600 calories in a single 30-minute session… “Ay Carumba!”

Pole Dancing – This exercise is no longer just limited to the exotic dancers – it’s happening all around the country, including private studios and gym chains. These sessions involves lots of muscle training to contract the muscles to cling to the pole and swivel up and down to sultry beats. The right class can help you burn up to 350 calories in a one-hour session.

Aerial Acrobatics – remember watching Cirque de Soleil? If you’re not afraid of heights, this might be for you. By slinking along and grabbing bolts of hanging fabric you will be stretching and strengthening your way to a fitter, sexier body! And if you’re not ready to run off and join the circus… relax! Many local gyms offer trapeze classes which can be just as fun! Again, it will vary by class, but you can expect to burn around 300 calories in an hour session.

Bollywood Dance – high energy style dance inspired by Indian-inspired stories of romance and lost love. Burns up to 200 calories/half hour. Bollywood refers a term for the film industry started in the 1930’s in India, and is the contraction of Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hollywood and originally coined to disparage the film industry in India.

Chair Dancing – This risqué routine has recently been incorporated in pole dancing and sultry dance classes. By gyrating and jiggling all that you have, you will develop tighter abdominal muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings as well as gluteus muscles.

Naked Yoga – Yoga, with or without clothes, can open up the hips, thighs and pelvis, as well as strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are important for more enjoyable sex and better orgasms. By shedding your clothes, you may find the practice of yoga more relaxing and calming – but even if you keep your clothes on, you can still expect to burn between 350 and 450 calories in an hour.

Strip aerobics ( cardio-striptease) – Carmen Electra made this one famous! But not to worry, you can be any size and shape to enjoy this exercise and not actually take all of your clothes off! Join a class where you can learn the stripper- like moves and steps , without even disrobing if you don’t want to. If you’re feeling more free and easy, slide on those fishnets and pop in a DVD at home – with or without your partner!

… have fun with it!